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Can Eating Better Save You Money? Yes!

August 7, 2009

One of the main reasons the food situation has evolved (or devolved) is partly due to time. So many people working and trying to balance work, family and social life is to say the least, time consuming.

If you like granola and you want to start eating better, take a few minutes and make your own. It’s just as tasty, better for you and believe it or not, cheaper than what you can buy in the store.

Read this article and take a few minutes, make some granola with your kids. They’ll learn something, you’ll have a tasty snack that’s actually good for you and you’ll have some quality time with your family.

By Orlando Nutrition Examiner, Katelyn Perkins

Just the Flax Ma’am

July 21, 2009
This is one of the best things you can be consuming. From the seed, to the powder to the oil. GREAT for you. You should be eating it EVERY day. They’re starting to put it in different foods at the grocery store. The other day I bought a bag of whole wheat pita chips that had flaxseeds on them. The bag was $2 more than the pita chips without flax. So I thought I’d go into a health food store and get some seeds to sprinkle on cereal, use in hummus, and just use and eat. Guess how much the flax seeds cost? $1.69 a pound!!! This magnanimous food we’re SUPPOSED to be eating is less than $2 bucks a pound! Get some. Sprinkle it anywhere and everywhere on foods you eat. At $1.69/pound you can’t afford NOT to use this product!


There are links below to some info on Flax. Please spread the word and ask your friends to join our team! Thanks!

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